Level 3

May 3-5th, 2019

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Level 3 is a retreat-style training with lots of opportunities for self-care, self-reflection and rest. It will be at the beautiful Prama Institute in Marshall, NC, just 20 minutes from downtown Asheville.

*Please note it is the responsibility of each licensed professional to ensure requirements for their continuing education hours and to stay up to date on all changes from their licensing board throughout the year. We are not able to guarantee the approval of CEs from every licensure board.


The training content will include:

  • Enhanced Self-Regulation Tools
    • Advanced Yoga Brain Games
    • Enhanced practices for Special Populations
    • Meditations for Sensation Tracking
    • Acupressure & Self-Massage
  • Deeper Knowledge of Anatomy
    • Additional Meridians
    • Meridian Balancing Practice Sequences
    • Endocrine System & Trauma
    • Yin Yoga: A Bridge Between Movement & Meditation
  • Implementation & Skill-Building 
    • How to Develop Individualized Sequences for Clients
    • Reconnect to & Enliven Your Self-Care Practices
    • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
    • Aromatherapy, Flower Essences & Herbs for Trauma Recovery
    • Silence as an Awareness Practice
    • Supporting Clients with Unknown Trauma

You will receive:

  • 19 CE Hours certified through NASW
  • 16 CE Hours certified through Yoga Alliance
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Manual of Techniques

The retreat will also include all meals and lodging. Dietary Options are available! Please email us at info@yogafortrauma.com with any questions about your needs.


Please note that it is the responsibility of each licensed professional to ensure compliance with requirements for their Continuing Education hours and to stay up to date on all changes from their licensing board throughout the year. Please confirm with your board regarding approval of CEs for this training program.


Disclaimer: These courses are not designed to certify participants in the ability diagnose or treat mental or physical health conditions, injuries, or illnesses without additional certification in a licensed medical or other health profession. If you have any questions please contact us at info@yogafortrauma.com. The yoga therapy components of this teaching are based on Becca Odom’s LCSW (Clinical Social Work License) and Anna Ferguson’s certification as an C-IAYT (Certified Yoga Therapist with the International Association of Yoga Therapy), not derived from any status with the Yoga Alliance Registry.


We offer small group discounts for our trainings. These include $15 off per person when 3 people sign up together and $25 off per person when 5 people sign up together. Click here for more information.



“Yoga for Trauma I & II have influenced my ability to do my job in profound ways. I work at a local non-profit agency doing case management with clients who often have significant traumatic backgrounds (military veterans experiencing homelessness). While I am not in a counseling relationship with these clients, these trainings have given me an understanding of the effects of trauma, and a variety different coping strategies to try with individuals who are open to trying out a technique.

These trainings have also impacted my ability to do my job on a personal level. Having lived my own traumatic experiences can make intervening effectively with others challenging. I have learned a number of skills and tools to use for self-regulation, focus, and recovery from difficult interactions. I have arrived at a sense of confident ability to handle almost anything, and remain comfortably at baseline throughout the experience.

My favorite part of what Anna and Becca do is that they truly adapt their curriculum and message for the people who attend the trainings. In our case, we needed personal practices to care for ourselves as a way to combat compassion fatigue.

I personally enjoyed learning about Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. The information that was shared gave me a new way to think about caring for myself and contributing to my overall wellness. I have a better understanding of how to use my diet to influence my energy level, along with many other breathing and physical posture techniques that are available to do so.

Helping professionals can benefit so much from taking time to focus on their own wellness practice regularly. I simply cannot wait to return for a third immersive session of material that contributes so heavily to practices that keep me well and able to show up for individuals who need support every day.”

– Ginelle Krummey


Testimonials from Level 3

“My heart is full. I’ve actually never used this expression but I feel so full of knowledge, self-awareness, curiosity, and joy from my experiences with the other students, instructors and the cooks (who made amazing food with such care and joy).”
-Courtney Lawrence

“This weekend felt like a coming home to myself and to a community where we can grow together.”
-Alexandra Bell

“A culmination of skills evolving first from know to understand, then to apply for others; an unexpected zeitgeist for my own self-care & personal healing.”
-Keri Brewer

“This training very harmonizing – internally, externally, professionally and very confirming/reassuring of the evolution & integration of our modalities.”
-Elizabeth U. Willingham




Cancellation Policy for Trainings:

There is a cancellation fee after you sign up. There are no refunds given for cancellations within 48 hours of the event. Please review our cancellation policy for details.