“I came here to learn how to better help others and left with greater intention and efficacy to help myself.”
– Priscilla W.

“This was a very high quality training that will greatly enhance my work with clients who have experienced trauma as well as how I care for myself as a clinician working with trauma.”
– Lauren Woodard, LCSW

“Deeply influential and eye-opening.”
– Tara Spencer

“Absolutely essential and revolutionary to the field of trauma work.”
– Hannah P.

“Within about 10 minutes, I started re-shaping my whole approach to working with my clients!”
– Susan Ward

“This training gave me new tools and helped me connect to prior professional and personal knowledge.”
– Andrea Wilhelm

“Part learning, part self-care, part skill-building – GREAT!”
– Diana C.

“This training made me feel hopeful that clinical therapy CAN help move clients from baseline to joyful.”
– Erin Bigler

“Informative, experiential training for incorporating somatic techniques into cognitive-based clinical protocols such as CBT.”
– Sherry Walker

“Yoga for Trauma workshop is highly recommended for all yoga teachers!”
– Jennifer Hunt

“This training provided very practical and useful techniques that were thoroughly explained in a very warm and friendly environment.”
– Susan S.

“Yoga for Trauma has given me a framework for organizing my thoughts around how to apply the principles of yoga to my work with clients, whether they have experienced trauma or not.”
– Heather Branham, LCSW

“I am a LCSW and since being inspired by the training, I am going to get certified as a yoga instructor to be able to work more effectively with mind and body for my clients and community!”
– Katie Thomas, LCSW

“The training helped me both professionally and personally to learn about how trauma affects the brain, and how yoga/mindfulness can address so many mind/body issues. I really enjoyed it and hope to be able to participate in the level 2 training!”
– E.C.W.

(The training is…) “Really allowing me to incorporate somatic healing into my work in a functional way, benefiting my clients tremendously.”
– Cora Passanisi, MSW, LCSW

“Yoga for Trauma taught brain-based strategies that WORK, both for myself and my clients of all ages.”
– Stacey Crowley, MA, SLP-CCC/L

“Becca and Anna are a great team. They keep the training flowing so it is fun, informative and nurturing. I now teach all my clients Butterfly Hug, tapping fingers and other practical skills to quickly focus the mind and calm the body. Great investment personally and professionally.”
– Ingrid Adelsbach, LCSW

“The Yoga for Trauma training has truly transformed the way I work with clients. It has been challenging for me to find strategies I can use with both young children and adults, but the skills I learned in the training apply to all of the folks I work with. For example, I have been able to use belly breathing and body awareness strategies with young children by incorporating soft toys and a playful attitude. The butterfly hug is probably the strategy I teach most often. I have found that incorporating movement into my sessions has allowed me to build better rapport with clients and move toward the root of the challenges they are experiencing without the need to recount each traumatic event. I believe my clients feel safer in session, and I feel more prepared to witness their growth during our work together.”
– Elizabeth Gillette, LCSW

“The training was a great reminder that the worker is a separate individual who is able to control the way the situation is experienced, not to be overtaken or overwhelmed by another person’s behaviors or struggles.”
– Ginelle Krummey, B.A.

“Rarely have I attended a professional training where I learned so much helpful information AND had a healthful and enjoyable time learning it!”
– Margie Allison, LCSW, LCAS

“This is probably the most clear and applicable training I’ve been to!”
– Katie T.

“Fantastic stuff you two are doing!!”
– Trainee, Johnson City, TN

“[Anna and Becca…] Continued to encourage me in my career helping those who have experienced severe trauma! I hope to attend more events in the future.”
– C.M.

“This was the most amazing training I have ever had, I am so grateful.  Thank you!”
– Mackenzie S.

“Healing.  Thank you so much for spreading this powerful information.”
– Jenny Savery

“A very empowering and healing experience.”
– Carla Nelson

“This was an amazing training, incorporating experiential and theory in a highly effective way.”
– Cathy Chambers

“I am grateful for the knowledge and believe trauma has touched us all.  I feel more confident to teach trauma sensitive yoga.  Thank you!”
– Kimberly Savage

“Eye-opening, progressive, relevant.”
– Taylor Kiser

“This has inspired me to incorporate more mindfulness and yoga techniques/principles into my sessions with my trauma patients!  And it has inspired me to take the yoga teacher training!”
-Liz Burkholder, FNP-BC

“Life changing, rewarding, insightful, worthy experience.”
-Mary To

“This training has taught me accessible tools to empower others and myself.”
-Sarah Iwanusa

“While I have taken several trainings focused on trauma, few provided as many useful tools that can be easily applied in working with the population I serve.”

“Excellent!  I love the fluid movement between lecture and experiential learning.”
-Michelle Morrison

“A great way to heal yourself as you learn to heal others.”
-Ellen P.

“Above all, the thoughtful way you have thought about how people learn is very appreciated. It is clear you have constructed your training in a way which keeps people engaged and provides the correct amount of information people can take in. Follow up materials are great as well.”
-Sarah Tuff

“A power packed experiential training that gave  me practical tools and techniques to implement personally professionally.”
-Corey Brown

“Extremely engaging and practical. I’ve never had a training that was so focused on positivity and keeping members engaged.”
-Nicole B.

“I learned how to better work on my healing process, so that I may help others understand and work on their own.”
-Adrianne Burke

“This training has reoriented my holistic perception of how the mind and body are connected to human behavior and experience.”
-Jesse H.

“Anna and Becca are so wonderful at relaying the information in easy to process ways.”
-Amy L.

“Provided many tools to translate to my clients so they can self regulate instead of self medicate.”
-Shelly H.

“This training is transforming and helps healers heal while providing tools to share mind body work to foster client’s healing.”
-Jill S.

“A workshop to teach healing thru body awareness.”
~Jillian Schrank

“Invigorating time to add non-invasive, time & cost effective tools to help my patients cope with chronic illness.”
-Danielle Lenz

“This was such a great program! I loved the components of practice and the research to support that practice! So great! Thank you!”
-Sarah Jordan Welch

“This training has opened my mind and gave me skills to use yoga and mindful practices to impact my life and the lives of my clients.”
-Hannah Nolte

“This training was absolutely beneficial for everybody, no matter your age, gender or experience level.  Becca and Anna provide informative techniques and knowledge regarding trauma across the spectrum that sets both the teacher and student up for success.
-Emma Jenkins

“Informative, but also affirmative – there are simple tools that are applicable to all that can allow me o actually help people with something that seems so hopeless.  I can do it! They can do it!”
-Christan Quattlebaum

This was a thorough, informative and enjoyable training with a lot of practical tools that can be applied to my practice and teaching.”
-Amy S.

“It fell in line with my graduate training in Emotional Behavior Disorders and reinforced somethings and added new things to my toolbox.”
-Tracie Souther

“I feel like I have the tools to help others and to practice myself.”
-Theresa Thom

“It has been validating and inspiring for myself and my practice.”
-Elizabeth Willingham, PhD, LPC, NCC

“Life affirming.”
-Michelle King

“I feel better equipped to be in a one-on-one trauma-informed yoga session.”
-Andrea Owen Arledge

“I feel excited and empowered to have new skills and ideas to bring back to my clients and my agency.”
-Sharyn Button

“Anna & Becca have a wealth of knowledge and experience that make these concepts and techniques approachable and accessible to everyone!”
-Katie Rodgers & Overcast Therapy Services, PLLC

“Refreshing and eye-opening.”
-Courtney Lawrence

“It was self healing as well as a great learning experience.”
-Kathy Jones

“Amazing. Informed. Inspired.”
-Lisa Parks

“This training was powerfully inspiring and opened up a world of possibilities for me in thinking about how I can make an impact on my community and the world.”

“I feel more comfortable working with the veterans after learning about the triggers and coping skills.”

“My time here allowed my mind, body, and spirit to be challenged, nourished and supported.”
-Jennifer Tuttle

“This training was highly centering personally and professionally.”
-Valerie Richman

“It opened up my eyes to a different way to look at yoga.”
-Heather Slugaski

“A training that was not only educational but restorative and healing.”
-A. Walsh

“Very enjoyable. Learned a lot about how clients, but also therapists, can benefit from these techniques.”
-Sarah R.

“This was a wonderfully well organized, informative, interesting and inspiring training. I felt that the techniques were well researched and scientifically supported, but easily understood and presented in a way that will make it easy for me to absorb and use in my practice. Thank you!”
-Maria B.

“It was beneficial to my practice of yoga and my classes to learn about trauma-sensitive techniques and strategies.”
-Christine B.

“I am grateful to experience this opportunity with others learning techniques and exercises that create space to help others move back into their bodies to begin or continue their healing process.”
-Shakira B.

“This training taught me how to raise the level of consciousness in my community.”
-Gabrielle J.

“This training was the best CE training I’ve participated in!”
-Alvely A.

“You are both wonderful! These are the best CEU’s I have ever received and I look forward to utilizing the skills learned with clients!”
-Courtney Ann Coyle

“This training fed my soul and my mind!”
-Lydia D. Kinton, LCSW

“I’m grateful for the safe & inviting environment to learn and grow as a trauma-informed art therapist.”
-Emily Ortiz

“The Level 2 training helped me to deeply integrate the knowledge I have acquired this far about trauma and resiliency in a practical application that I feel I can take into my private practice and community yoga classes.

“So excited to have completed Level 1 & 2 within the same weekend! The trainings are well organized. Loved moving from learning new information and then getting to feel it in my own body. Grateful heart. Thank you!”
-Karen M.

“This training will transform my practice in so many ways because it provides engaging tools to use with highly dysregulated individuals.”
-Natalie LeQuang

“This training gave me time and space to develop new perspectives on dealing with trauma and the many symptoms that can result from trauma.”
-Brandee Distefano

“Very informative and very useful! Even within the first hour, I had useful and easily teachable techniques that will help me help my students.”
-Allison Yost

“The knowledge gained from the excellence presented by Anna & Becca gives me more confidence in incorporating practices.”
-Angela Ray Smith, LPC

“I think it was thoughtful and informative and has left me curious and excited to dive deeper.”
-Lauren Cox

“Wonderful blend of practice, skills and knowledge to build my confidence as a mental health professional to incorporate healing yoga into sessions.”
-Anne Sherry, LPC, certified IFS & Hakani

“I will definitely use these techniques when I go back to work on Monday for both patients and for myself.”
-John Buabbud

“This training is well conceived, well organized, thoughtfully paced and professionally delivered. It is clear that the presenters are well qualified well practiced and deliver with compassion. Highly valuable.”
-Susan Lachmann

“This training was very positive – both for me as self-care and with some excitement for the skills I can take back to my clients. Great job demonstrating the mind-body connections.”
-Amy Mullins

“The class encompassed self-nurturing with an education that can and will  increase compassion directed towards clients.”
-Juanelle Lambert



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